RF package

LF package

Development of critical packaging building blocks for performance and reliability of high power space components:

  • Very high thermal conductivity diamond based composite material
  • First level Thermal Interface Material based on nano‐silver (TIM1)
  • Second level Thermal Interface Material (TIM2)
  • Embedded micro heat pipes for in‐situ cooling
  • High power hermetic RF micro-package
  • High power LF package

Demonstration of the technologies:

  • High power high frequency hermetic micropackage
  • High power “low frequency” package dedicated to power switching applications

Design and test of two demonstrators implementing GaN based functions, using the packages developed :

  • RF HPA module delivering up to 400W
  • Power switching module with up to 700Wdc nominal output power

Preliminary evaluation of both modules against space constraints

Space Qualification of Demonstrators